Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tears in the Sky

Some call it the rain,
others think it's insane
when days comes and goes in vain
but your crops did gain

Your party dress soaked,
your corn field grows.
Damages untold...
Lands erode

Farmers rejoice
children enjoy the noise
Cities cry
when they see the very dark sky

The gains and the pains of the rain
flows in the same vein.
as we can't detain
the pain...from the gain


Silent screams are whispered in the dark places,
faded dreams never come up on real stages.

The sun has lost its burn, the flute just lost its song.
Where did we get it all wrong, we sold our rights for cow's dung.

6000mega watts? 2years later, we're still chilling in the dark.
Coruption was left unchecked, now its weird to see things go right.

I wish we could do right,
wish we could sleep at night.
Yes, i have tried waking up, but i wasn't sleeping.

A dying scream makes no sound. Yet i'm calling out to all i've ever known.

Ur voice should be heard.