Friday, 8 November 2013

My Other Me

What are we fighting for?
What do you really want from me?

My response is still same. NO!
No I won't do that!

What did u say? Who me? Of course that's a lie.
How dare you think of me that way?
You really think I could do that? That’s unfair of you.

Sometimes I even wonder what I’m doing with you.
You cloud my mind with your suggestions, making me think it's the truth when its all lies.

I thought you were my friend.
I really can't believe I have you with me.

Oh! So you won't talk back?
You aren't saying anything anymore?
You are silent on me now?

What again? No... That’s not true.
I can't believe my ears. You are just so inhumane.
How could you say these things to me? Even after I trusted you with me.
...With the whole of me.
I tell you things and you tell it back at me in a bitter way.

Why are you so evil?

I can't take this anymore. I’m leaving this place for you alone.
You can stay in the room all by yourself all you want.
It seems leaving you in the mirror was a bad idea.

You always seem to replicate what I do and make it evil!

Nooooo!!!!!!! Get away from meeeeeee!!!!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013


courtesy Google

Shinning light at the edge of the horizon. A breakthrough finally strolls in.
beep… beep…! The life support echoes a steady paced indication that he still is breathing. Counting his remaining minutes of pain and anguish.
He couldn’t be more excited to be in this day.  The last day of life… the first day of his smiles.
For the first time in five years I see him excited on his sick bed. His weak eyes glanced at me with a dim stare of lifelessness but full of joy.
The four of us standing around his bed in silence. None dared say a word or shed a tear or even show a streak of smile. Though he was happy, we were not but… what could we do? He had requested that we be there while the plugs are pulled out from the socket. He made us sign as witnesses to the document that authorized it.
Having known him for a life time and have always been there for each other since we were kids, I couldn’t deny him this moment that would make him happier than he has ever been in a long while. I kept thinking to myself what happens next without him. Can I just get along life pretending this never happened? Or that he never existed? …the thought of many options leaves me with an aching head. I’m not concerned about the other three standing alongside myself.
Then the doctors come in. Three in number. Two with us, one at the switch. He (the switch-doctor) looked at him for confirmation, got it… then looked at us standing. We reluctantly give a nod. Then…
beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… beeeeep… beeeeep… bep… beeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..
Time of death: 0745hrs

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Thief

Courtesy: google

...a little bit more from a little more less.
black and blue patches on a dead man's chest.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I'm thinking of a time after the end
the very first second without worries
the very last minute with tears...

I'm seeing that moment
when the sun sits high in the sky
blazing in its light
yet we don't burn under its heat.
what a delight...

I'm smiling at the realization
that I'm sitting between the lion and the hyena
staring at a new civilization
and adapting to things the way they are.

Stupid dream!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013



Pain, fear, un-remorseful jabs on his face.
Wide open palms swinging to his cheek bone 
Tightened fists to face Head butts, kicks, spits and rants Swinging club to knee.
Crack! crack!, the ribs are sounding,
Heart is pacing.
A joint feeling of fear and pain Cripples the spine

...Can you see through his eyes?

The mob.

Running through the wind in fear,
The crowd behind him, hurling things in the air 
Slicing through his fear ...Objects breezing near. 
He can't seem to keep them off his rear.

They catch up to him.

Bang! On the head, rolls on floor
Pounding increasing accompanying the uproar.
Sticks, planks and metals rising up and down to his almost lifeless body... 
In symphony of a determined goal; the kill.

His sight is blurred, 
with tears and blood.

Rod to the chest planks to head left for dead.
Tyres roll in, then gasoline and match.

Strike!... There was fire... Then nothing.

Mob disperses.

Did u see through his eyes?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What If You Said Something?

Courtesy Google

A low gentle voice speaks peace
The loud voice speaks inspiration to the feeble of hearts.

What if you never said a thing, nor ever effected a change you so desired?

What if your kids would have had that better life you wished if only you said something? If only you shouted when you saw evil being done.

What if your society just only needed your innocent wisdom to become envy to all? ...but you said nothing.

What if that mishap would have been prevented if only you told him about his bad tyres, if only you held her hand as she crossed the tarred road?

What if all your wife needed was that word of encouragement to feel and confirm you still loved her?
What if that man just needed your smile to show that the world still cares about him, keeping him from committing suicide?

Just think about it...

What if that little girl’s fate depended on your decent dressing?

What if all that was left was to say 'I'm sorry, I never meant any harm'?
What if you just listened to your heart and paid more attention to your instincts?

What if you forgave yourself for anything that has happened in the past just to make progress in life?

What if you were that homeless beggar under the bridge? What would you have loved to change? How would you have loved to be treated?

What if the change your nation needed was dependent on each one of you to speak up? To be united in words and in deeds? To be patient with each other and protective of your neighbour?

What if we broke the norm of being afraid and expressed with wisdom, our opinion on any issue? Would that kill you?

What if I told you 20 years from now, you'll regret the things you didn't do than the things you did?

What if we decide here and now to speak!

The future is here!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

What If?

What if I was not human, Just an animal convinced to be a person
Living amongst you all, barking yet thinking I’m making words

What if my hopes have been falsified?
Maybe I have been living a fake life,
Being lied to just to keep staying alive?
On hopes that ain't real.

What if crime wasn't crime?
That the police justified their use of guns by being the police?
just to oppress.

What if things aren't really the way you perceived them to be.
What if babies cried to warn you of imminent danger?
...but then you plug in their pacifier to keep them quiet.

What if you were just a clone?
The real you lived thousands of years ago
You are here making serious reasoning meanwhile it doesn't really matter.

What if we didn't need to work to get paid?
We are just being slave-driven to achieve some devil's plan.

What if?

What if we lived forever?
Would that be enough time to do right?
Would there then be enough time to spend with family?
Or would it be just too much.

What if all parents really did take the first positions while in school.
Would that mean I am nothing like my dad?
Coz I never came first in my class

What if 365 days never really makes a year.
That it was meant to be 90 days.
...and what if 24 hours wasn't a day either
Think of how old you would have become by now.

What if?

What if Eve never ate the apple and didn't give to Adam to eat.
What would it have been by now?

What if they really ate the apple and made away with the seed to plant it.
What would have been the name of the fruit; Apple? Mango? Passion fruit?
Just saying.

What if doing good is bad?
That bad guys get to live longer so they could have the chance to be good
While good guys die coz they are too good.

What if our lives and everything around us are just our imaginations?
That we see and create images the way we want them to be.
It’s just all in our minds?

What if I was just writing this to keep you glued to your screen?
To make you think a little bit outside your box for about a minute and the half.
Making you think of what you wanted to be different.

Now you are thinking of who I am and what's wrong with me.
Ok, now you are smiling. Confused and thinking I'm crazy.

What if you were right?