Monday, 13 February 2012


this is one of those days words begin to make sense
days when words begin to make the guilty tense

the depth of words can not be reached
the laws of words can not be breached.

words and ears tag hand in hand
brain and words ride side by side

a word is enough for the wise...
but the wise always have words.
the wise always have words.

but the fool do have words
a word IS enough for the fool as well
he speaks and you know he is a fool.
a word WAS enough for the fool.

Words tell tales
the words of the wise man have tails.

words make and words unmake.
what grows a boy to a man? Not food but words.

word is free...but your words are costly.

freedom of information, freedom of speech.
when speech is carefree, then there will be war of words
worlds at wars.

your words are you in the flesh
your words make doom or make fresh

listen carefully when you can
especially when things don't go as planned
the words of a friend keeps hope alive
the words of love soothes the soul.

words ignites rage, words ignite fear
hope, gloom, hatred and disgust

effects of words outlive life.
the effects of life was caused by words words were enough for the wise.