Thursday, 3 January 2013

What If You Said Something?

Courtesy Google

A low gentle voice speaks peace
The loud voice speaks inspiration to the feeble of hearts.

What if you never said a thing, nor ever effected a change you so desired?

What if your kids would have had that better life you wished if only you said something? If only you shouted when you saw evil being done.

What if your society just only needed your innocent wisdom to become envy to all? ...but you said nothing.

What if that mishap would have been prevented if only you told him about his bad tyres, if only you held her hand as she crossed the tarred road?

What if all your wife needed was that word of encouragement to feel and confirm you still loved her?
What if that man just needed your smile to show that the world still cares about him, keeping him from committing suicide?

Just think about it...

What if that little girl’s fate depended on your decent dressing?

What if all that was left was to say 'I'm sorry, I never meant any harm'?
What if you just listened to your heart and paid more attention to your instincts?

What if you forgave yourself for anything that has happened in the past just to make progress in life?

What if you were that homeless beggar under the bridge? What would you have loved to change? How would you have loved to be treated?

What if the change your nation needed was dependent on each one of you to speak up? To be united in words and in deeds? To be patient with each other and protective of your neighbour?

What if we broke the norm of being afraid and expressed with wisdom, our opinion on any issue? Would that kill you?

What if I told you 20 years from now, you'll regret the things you didn't do than the things you did?

What if we decide here and now to speak!

The future is here!


  1. Replies
    1. :) I can only imagine. lol. cheers pearl

  2. I think there is a quote that goes something like...' All that is required for evil to thrive is for good men to keep silent.' something like that sha.

    This is a nice piece o! Chief Marcel and it has a lot of truth.

    1. Lol, hahaha. You still do think I'm those guys?

      Thank you Somtochukwu. Yeah there goes a saying as such.


    2. Somtochukwu? I absolutely love that name for Somi. It fits her perfectly :)

  3. and biko please disable comment verification on this blog.

    1. Yes o, I have disabled that. thanks for the suggestion I have disabled it.

  4. What if I refused to comment, would you know I read it? Lol, nice work.

    1. What if I told you I saw you favorite my post on twitter, would you believe I know you read it?

      Thanks Doc. :)

  5. What if - by speaking out and we were wrong, very wrong - we changed the future of our nation to its detriment and all that of its inhabitants?

    We can never know the outcome of a single word uttered - the butterfly effect. What if we could!

    Excellent post.

    Anna :o]

    1. Deep words you speak... but we never can know the effect of most things until its being done.

      Thanks Anna, your comments are always welcome.

      How is ur grand kid?

      Kind regards.