Thursday, 26 April 2012


It’s about the crimes and the evils
It’s about the government and its people

It’s the corruption and injustice
The judiciary and court cases

The looters and the probes
The committees of the probes

The Government says "it has prospects"
yes, but prospects ain't success...Sir!
We have the "can-do spirit"
Intentions are good but the spirit can only intend...
rather pretend.

This Government has more panels than the panel-beater
More probes than the crime
More crimes than its people.
More people than their Reps.

Yet we sit and watch
we sit and expect change
we cry in our church
we expect God to rearrange?

Probes were for resolutions
rather we get recommendations and not implementations
we spend funds to probe
then we turn around to probe the funds?

I love Nigeria, but I don't like Nigeria

Tired of wishing for the best
Tired of keeping grudge in my chest
Now I must rest.

Rest assured that I still have hope
even as events unfold like the opera's soap


  1. Its indeed sad that in Nigeria, the more things try to change, the more they remain the same. Please don't lose hope or check out.

    1. Thanks Doc, I ain't going nowhere...yet. I still have hope.

  2. We've been told to remain in is extremely sad....well written.

    1. Yes indeed. Thanks dear. cheers.

  3. "This government has more panels than the panel-beater". So funny yet so true. We make noise, we argue, we complain, then we accept, and make joke about ever not stop making the noise, some how some one would hear, or someone would grow a conscience, or some one would by me a nsiper riffle...just kidding. But like u said:rest assured there's still hope. Lovely piece Maurice, ilike.

    1. Eccentricshemale, Well, it's the joke part that is frustrating. My friends say that "When u push Nigerian's to the wall, they jump over it and continue. They don't retaliate." I really know that the process of change had begun a while before now. we just have to make sure it goes right on track.

      thanks for your comment.