Tuesday, 15 May 2012


there are times when you stay in your state of nothingness
thinking less of yourself thinking of your carelessness
those are moments your world stops to spin
then your head begins the spin

like an arse pain from the pin
you begin to grow lean
haunted by thoughts or broken dreams.
scenerios of scary scenes,
becomes the life for your very being

And again the nothingness deludes your awareness.
yet in vain you struggle till u r breathless.

the depth of the shallow mind isn't far fetched.
the voice of the dumb can not still be heard by the very attentive deaf.

you read in-between the lines,
you stared with very open eyes.
there was a lot...
yet you see not

yet you see not.

Darkness so bright it could be seen from the distance.
in thick confusion you still stand.

your struggle continues
your opinion devalues
your are left without clues.


  1. My comment: Nothing. Never felt so empty, so full of nothing. This piece hits the spot at the right 0'Clock. I like it, sorry no I don't like it, I love it

    1. thanks dear. your comment is most welcome.cheers. still waiting to read ur blog.